850 Cherubs

    We do not have pictures for our collection of Cherubs. These are items we pour on Request and are not currently in Inventory.

    CompanyCO CodeMold IDDDescription
    Doc HolidayDH699 Medium Bench for Cherub
    GareG839 Cherub Heads
    GareG1856 Wall Cherub
    SciotoSC1382 Cherub Heads
    SciotoSC1499 Cherub Ornament
    SciotoSC1519 Med Shelf Cherub
    SciotoSC1520 Lg Shelf Cherub
    SciotoSC1545 Small Looking Right Cherub
    SciotoSC1546 Small Looking Left Cherub
    SciotoSC1550 On Stomach Cherub
    SciotoSC1551 Cherub on Side
    SciotoSC1552 Blowing Kiss Cherub
    SciotoSC1738 Cherub Heads
    SciotoSC1740 Small  Blowing Kiss Cherub
    SciotoSC1741 Small Cherub On Stomach 
    SciotoSC1742 Kneeling Cherub
    SciotoSC1751 Cherub Telling Secrets
    SciotoSC1752 Listening Cherub
    SciotoSC1755AArms for Cherub
    SciotoSC1755BKnees Up Cherub
    SciotoSC1756 Knees Up Cherub
    SciotoSC1783 Small Whispering Cherub
    SciotoSC1784 Small Listening Cherub
    SciotoSC1785 Small On Side Cherub
    SciotoSC1810 Small Blowing Kiss Cherub
    SciotoSC1856 Large Blowing Cherub
    SciotoSC1865 Knees Up Cherub 
    SciotoSC1866 Praying Cherub
    SciotoSC1867 Standing Cherub Hands on Hip
    SciotoSC1872 Small Shelf Cherub
    SciotoSC1873 Small Shelf Cherub
    SciotoSC1874 Small Blowing Kiss Cherub
    SciotoSC1875 Small Praying Cherub
    SciotoSC1876 Pedestal A/B
    SciotoSC1931 Kissing Cherub Standing
    SciotoSC1932 Kissing Cherub Standing
    SciotoSC1945 Shelf Cherub
    SciotoSC1946 Cherub Shelf
    SciotoSC1993 Kneeling Cherub Praying 
    SciotoSC1994 Arms Praying Cherub for 1993
    SciotoSC2017 Cherub Listening to Shell
    SciotoSC2018 Shell for 2017
    SciotoSC2019 Base for 2017 & 2108
    SciotoSC2083BBlack Cherub Throwing Kiss
    SciotoSC2084 Kneeling Praying Cherub Black
    SciotoSC2094ACherub Sucking Thumb
    SciotoSC2095 Sucking Thumb Cherub 
    SciotoSC2096 Cherub Sleeping
    SciotoSC2097 Cherub sleeping on side
    SciotoSC2107 Cherub w/ Bucket
    SciotoSC2138 Small Tumbling Cherub
    SciotoSC2139 Small Tumbling Cherub
    SciotoSC2140 Small Tumbling Cherub
    SciotoSC2151 Looking Left Candle Holder Cherub
    SciotoSC2152 Looking Right Candle Holder Cherub
    SciotoSC2163 Wall Cherub
    SciotoSC2164 Wall Cherub
    SciotoSC2167ACherub w/ Lamb 
    SciotoSC2167BCherub w/ Lamb 
    SciotoSC2167CCherub w/ Lamb 
    SciotoSC2244 Cute Cherub
    SciotoSC2247 Lg Sitting Cherub
    SciotoSC2248 Lg Laying Cherub
    SciotoSC2249 Cute Cherub Looking Left
    SciotoSC2250 Cherub Looking Left
    SciotoSC2520 Med Cherub holding nest
    SciotoSC2521 Shelf Cherub Hand on chin
    SciotoSC2522 Cherub hands down
    SciotoSC2523 Shelf Cherub Hand on Cheek
    SciotoSC2524 Sitting Knee Up Cherub
    SciotoSC2525 Cherub Holding Pot
    SciotoSC2546 Speak No Evil Cherub Arms
    SciotoSC2547 Hear No Evil Cherub Arms
    SciotoSC2548 See No Evil Cherub Arms
    SciotoSC2549 Cherub Body Sitting
    SciotoSC2550 Mandolin for 2549
    SciotoSC2551 Harp for 2525
    SciotoSC2584 On Tummy Cherub Blowing Kiss
    SciotoSC2587 Small Shelf Cherub
    SciotoSC2588 Small Hands on Cheek Cherub
    SciotoSC2589 Small Knees Up Cherub
    SciotoSC2590 Small Elbows on Knees Cherub
    SciotoSC2591 On Tummy Cherub Blowing Kiss
    SciotoSC2606 Small See No Evil Cherub
    SciotoSC2607 Small Hear No Evil Cherub
    SciotoSC2608 Small Speak No Evil Cherub
    SciotoSC2667 Black Cherub on Tummy
    SciotoSC2736 Arms for 1865
    SciotoSC2738 Uplifted Wing Cherub Left
    SciotoSC2739 Uplifted Wing Cherub Right
    SciotoSC2743 Cherub Left hand out
    SciotoSC2858 Alternate Wings for 2739
    SciotoSC2866 Alternate Wings for 2738
    SciotoSC2885 Bowl for Cherubs
    SciotoSC2905 Cherub for Bowl
    SciotoSC2915 3 Cherub heads
    SciotoSC2924 Pedestal for 2885
    SciotoSC3032 Small Uplifted Wing Cherub
    SciotoSC3062 Cherub Bookend Large Left
    SciotoSC3063 Cherub Bookend Large Right
    SciotoSC3077 Cherub Holding Pot
    SciotoSC3085 Cherub Wall Shelf
    SciotoSC3098 Cherub Candle Holder
    SciotoSC3106 Double Cherub Wall Sconce
    SciotoSC3133 Peek a Boo Cherub Candle Holder
    SciotoSC3134 Peek a Boo Cherub Candle Holder
    SciotoSC3500 Kissing Cherub Lamp Base Lg
    SciotoSC3504 Kneeling Cherub w/ Bird
    SciotoSC3647 Cherub on Moon
    SciotoSC3686 Kissing Cherub Lamp Base Small